Here’s How To Sand Before Polishing With Products Lauded In ECP Inc Reviews

ecp inc reviews

Some automotive enthusiasts want nothing but the newest makes and models to fill out their garages and showrooms. Other gearheads trust their instincts when seeking out unexpected gems through online sales or yard sale finds. When it comes to the latter, these cars, trucks and motorcycles are probably going to be a bit used but no less worthy of restoration. Part of that restoring process is going to include polishing and waxing and ECP Inc reviews show that there’s no shortage of products to get that job done. Aluminum, chrome, steel or iron can needs some TLC from time to time and when that project calls, it’s best to know what products to have on hand to get the job done.

Before diving into ECP Inc reviews of the products, we’ll offer a refresher course on how to apply said polishes and waxes. Some industry experts have said that wet sanding with a low-grit sheet of sandpaper is an essential first step. Further, finishing with even lower grit sandpaper than the one you used to prep the surface – such as a 600-grit sheet — will help to smudge out the marks you may have made during the first step. Use of a buffing wheel will work wonders do achieve a uniform appearance on the motor, mufflers, cylinder covers and other metallic aspects of your vehicle.

Now that you’ve knocked out the heavy lifting with a fair amount of elbow grease, it’s time to use products proved useful through ECP Inc reviews to get the shine back into these mechanical parts. The TEC581 one-step polish is available in one-gallon or 16-ounce sizes depending on the amount of polishing you’ll need to be doing on client cars or vehicles on the lot. This product is known for the fact that it can be used as a standalone or prep for following ceramic coating applications. With this one-step polish, those doing the detail work will see that finely-milled polishing agents are deposited so a consistent cut is established during the buffing cycle. Further, the ceramic material is then left in the pores of the clear coat – which was not removed during your prep-work sanding process. Those who’ve used this product and offered ECP Inc reviews afterward have lauded it for the fact that it is easy to wipe off from the part they are polishing and offers water-beading protection after application.

While polishes and waxes aren’t essential steps to getting a motor up and running, those who’ve invested the sweat equity into such a project are sure to appreciate an overall top-shelf appearance that can only be obtained through patient and thorough detailing work.


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